A Beginner’s Guide to Pool Landscaping

Perfect in comfort and relaxation for the hot Australian summer, having a gorgeous pool in your backyard will make all the difference for you. For many people though they do not know where to start when it comes to installing a pool, and more importantly, having one that compliments the landscaping of your backyard. Here’s a guide for beginners when it comes to kick-starting your pool landscaping dreams.



Assess Your Area

Can your pool design fit in your backyard? Many people don’t look at the space that their backyard offers and assume that they can squeeze it all in. Measure your backyard to see if you can fit in a pool and the surrounding landscaping features around it. From there, you can see where to go next.

Start with a design.

All pool landscaping dreams start with a well thought out design. It is up to you to decide what design you want in your backyard. To get started thoroughly research the internet and read house and garden magazines to get an idea about what you want and how to get it done.

How will the layout complement your house?

Before calling the professionals to dig up your ground, how will putting in a pool fit in with the rest of the house? When planning out your design, from the installation of the pool to the surrounding garden, including the trees, flowers etc (to the extra water feature, like a waterfall or waterwall if you want), consider how well it works with the rest of your house. Remember that installing a properly designed pool and landscaping area will approximately increase the value of your property by between 15 to 20%.  

Remember the maintenance post-creation.

Before your design and pool is built, you best consider how many hours a week you will need to dedicate to looking after your pool and its surroundings. There is no point building it and then not maintaining it afterwards. It will deteriorate over time and down the line cost you more money than you want. Take into consideration the possible hours you will need to commit to keeping your pool dreams perfect.



Who do you call?

The question is: can you do-it-yourself, or should you call the professionals? Landscaping takes a lot of hard work and if you are inexperienced, you will most likely cause mistakes, and drag on the completion time over the course of a few months.

For a massive pool project, the best and simplest option for most people is to call professionals. They do not only complete the job within a specific timeframe and ensure that its perfect in every way; they also offer plenty of landscaping advice with both the construction, design and future maintenance.

Once you’ve chosen your desired professional, just sit back, watch and relax while they conjure up your dream pool area.