About Us

Welcome homeowners and landscape lovers to RHM Landscaping, Melbourne’s premier landscaping service. With over a decade of experience in the industry, and a combined total of 50 years within the team, we know all there is to know about landscaping.

Specialising in all forms of landscape conception and construction, our reliable and talented team of landscape designers and builders have the composure to create your ideal landscape feature and design.

Such is the experience and knowledge that our team holds that they can turn any outdoor space into an exciting and beautiful feature. They have the passion and dedication to ensure that whatever you want, can be built to perfection. Trained in the latest techniques and technologies, you know that RHM can complete any landscape design dream that you want.

When RHM means anything, we actually mean it. From the most basic designs to complete transformations, if it’s garden designs, water features, outdoor kitchens, pool landscaping, pergolas or stonemasonry, we can construct it to perfection.

That is because we approach each client on their merits and listen to their requirements and needs. Based around the person’s desires and their budgets, we take their ideas and build it for them; right in front of their eyes.

Our affordable and competitive prices guarantees that anyone who wants our services, can have them. We believe that everyone should be entitled to have their garden and outdoor landscape areas transformed into their dream scenario.

With an impressive track record on accepting and completing unique challenges, there is a reason why we are considered one of Melbourne’s most reliable and trusted premier landscape professionals.

To experience the RHM difference on your home, or your business, then get in contact with us today. One of our friendly staff members will be ready to take your enquire and begin the pathway to your landscaping dreams. To reach us directly, call us on 0498 838 263, or you can email us atinfo@rhmlandscaping.com.au.