Gates & Fences - Decorative Timber Garden Gates

Gates Melbourne

A man’s home is his castle, and every castle needs a nice set of gates. And we all know the caste was born in Melbourne! Here at RHM Landscaping Melbourne we’re able to provide exactly that, with a huge range of styles and the expertise to select and install them. Whether it be ornamental garden gates, elegant pickets, tall and sturdy security gates or rustic paddock accesses we have the experience and the suppliers to deliver just what you need.

Whether you need a small gate to keep your young children from escaping out onto the road, or any house pets for that matter, a bigger gate to give you a bit of privacy from your neighbours or even for security reasons, we have you covered. No matter the type of gate you are looking for, we will be able to deliver just what you need. Gates can add a stylish element to any home or you can go for a simple design if you want something unobtrusive or to blend in with the surroundings.

Garden Gates

If you want to break up your flower garden from your vegetable garden, or the likes, garden gates are the perfect option. We have many different options available so you can be sure to find the perfect gates to suit your garden.

Timber Gates

If you are after something that can blend into any environment, timber gates are the perfect solution. They are very low maintenance and because there are many different styles available, you will be able to find timber gates that suit your needs.

Decorative Gates

If you want to add a touch of style to your home, decorative gates will do that with ease. Whether you want them in your frontyard or backyard, we will help you find decorative gates that you love. Many people overlook gates when it comes to design, but they are a practical and cost-effective option when it comes to enhancing the look of your outdoor living area.

Automatic Gates

When it comes to ease of use, automatic gates are at the top of the list. If you are arriving at home after a long day, you can open your gates from the comfort of your car – especially perfect for those wet Melbourne days. Along with this, automatic gates are a great option if you are looking for security.

RHM Landscaping can provide you with gates to suit your specific needs. Get in touch with us today.