RHM Landscaping Melbourne team

Our Team

For over 10 years RHM Landscaping Melbourne have been improving lifestyles and increasing property values whilst leaving beautiful spaces and smiling faces in their wake. Richard and Ian have an accumulated 40+ years of knowledge and experience in landscaping between them, and have the know-how to deliver to your precise needs. With Richard’s impressive track record working abroad and with famed designers, and Ian’s extensive experience of Melbourne landscapes and their unique challenges and opportunities, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We have assembled a talented team of designers, one of whom has worked closely with famed UK designers, and another of whom is a talented 3D CAD specialist with impressive hand drawing skills. With the level of combined skill and experience brought to bear by our team, you can have confidence that not only will the designs be aesthetically pleasing, but will they will artfully achieve both the form and function of your specified requirements. Count on us to create unique designs that utilise space effectively, giving your home or commercial area the particular atmosphere you are after.

Our team shares a deep appreciation of nature, and we are currently working towards supplying clients with fully sustainable packages that we can stand behind and feel proud about. With experience ranging from small residential projects to large complex estates, we are ready to take on not just residential projects but larger scale commercial tenders as well.

The Team

Richard Munro


With over 15 years in the trade – 10 of them as an owner at RHM Landscaping Melbourne, Richard knows landscaping. He has had extensive experience working abroad including a stint at the Chelsea flower show, in addition to his many projects here in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He has also worked with award winning English designers such as Phil Nixon, Jane Brown, Sam Martin and Fiona Lawrenson.

Richard has completed an advanced diploma in building and construction, and hopes to use this knowledge to achieve ever more beautiful syntheses of natural landscape and man-made structure. Passionate about sustainable living, health and wellbeing and with a keen interest in environmental issues, he list his preferred causes as the Helmeted Honey Eater Recovery fund, Friends of the Earth and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Ian Clark


With a life-long love of horticulture, and over 25 years of experience in landscaping, nobody understands plant selection and garden design like Ian does. Having worked predominantly in Melbourne but with projects in Sydney and Brisbane as well, he has an excellent understanding of native flora and local species. With a certificate in horticulture from VCAH Burnley, Ian brings to bear all the expertise you’d expertise from a talented horticulturalist.

Ian also carries an expert knowledge of natural stone and sealers, having visited production sites in India and China where he assisted in sourcing new products. You can rely on him to help you select and source exactly the right stone for your paving, wall and garden feature needs.

Also having completed an advanced diploma in building and construction, Ian is passionate about sustainable living and gardens in Melbourne and has particular interest in creating productive vegetable patches and gardens with a focus on home-grown produce.

Vivian Deng

Senior Designer

With a Bachelor of Design Landscape Architecture, a Diploma in Fine Art and Design from China’s Tsinghua University, and fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese as well as English, RHM Landscaping Melbourne are proud to suggest Vivian as our company overachiever. Coming from a diverse background including fine art, landscape design and architectural design Vivian brings to bear unbridled creativity alongside her impressive technical skills.

Skilled in the use of computer aided design across multiple platforms, including Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Rhino and Sketchup, Vivian is mindful that these are a tool and not a crutch, and complements her CAD with superb hand drawing skills.

With a particular interest in Chinese and Japanese gardens, local experience in garden design and ample experience with commercial projects including an apartment development in China, Vivian is prepared to assist with even the most challenging brief.

James Marsh

Senior Designer

With a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) and an abundance of global design experience, including work in Switzerland, London and New Zealand as well as Australia, James has also worked with top English designers such as Sam Martin.

With top computer aided design skills that complement that of our other designers, James is savvy with numerous packages including Vector works, AutoCAD and Sketchup. Add to this beautiful hand drawing skills and a flair for exterior architecture and you’ll see why RHM Landscaping Melbourne is so well positioned to deliver your dream outdoor environment.

Like most of our staff, James is passionate about sustainable living and the environment and this goes into his garden designs, which often will include vegie gardens and food production.