Seven Defining Water Features for Your Home

Seven Defining Water Features for Your Home


Water features are all the rage now and with good reason. A masterfully created and designed water feature can add a beautiful layer and atmosphere to your outdoor area.


You and your guests will be enchanted by the tranquil feel that a water feature can bring, as well a relaxing feeling by its visually stunning appeal. There are many features to choose from, so what to decide on? We have got seven of the best water features you should consider.


Water Fountains
Considered the classic of water features, a water fountain can come in many shapes, sizes, styles and materials. You have your pick of the litter when it comes to water fountains; it all comes down to what you want your water fountain to achieve.


Keep in mind how your dream water fountain might relate to the rest of your outdoor area. Remember that having a giant water fountain is not necessary the best option: it could overpower the rest of your outdoor area.


Birdbaths are a lovely addition to any outdoor area. A small inexpensive addition, a birdbath can create a natural wonder thanks to the influx of birds that will fly in. The sights and sounds of birds perched on your birdbath is intoxicating and relaxing.


There are many variations of birdbaths that you can purchase and install. Similar to water fountains, it comes down to what you ultimately want.


There are some concessions: make sure the water is no deeper than 75 millimetres and no chemicals are added to the bath, so that the birds remain unharmed.



A leisurely and peaceful addition to your outdoor area, a pond is ideal for almost any project. Quaint and pleasant, ponds are easy to create and install. They do require a bit of planning in terms of positioning, as you have to take into account your surroundings and the depth of the pond.


Once installed, much like birdbaths, you can add fish to create a natural atmosphere. Remember: you will have to maintain the quality of your water, fish or no fish.


Pot Ponds
A small pond that is exclusively just inside a pot, this is a great feature if you want to create a pond for your outdoor area, but don’t have the space for it. It requires less maintenance than a full fledged pond too.


When it comes to waterfalls, there are two popular types: the ones with ponds at the bottom and the ones without. Basically, when choosing one or the other, it comes down to if you want a pond in your outdoor area.


If you already own a pond, it can be a great addition, as it will add a touch of class to proceedings. Although you might have to adjust the design of your existing outdoor area.


For those you don’t have or want a pond, you can now have waterfalls without them. Having water crashing down on a stone wall or rocks can still be quite visually engaging and atmospherically appealing.


Outdoor Shower
Sound strange? Not really. Having an outdoor shower installed is actually a neat idea. It’s great for having a bit of a post-swim wash, or if you don’t have a pool, great for getting refreshed on a hot summer’s day.


Despite the allocations that it might seem “out-of-place”, it is a rather quirky and simple feature to install.





Water Wall
For avoid any confusion, a water wall is when water pours down a flat wall into a very small pond (for lack of a better word), before going back around again.


The walls can be made from marble, copper, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass, sculpted ceramic and other long-lasting materials. They are simple devices that can be left free-standing, as a centrepiece or they can be mounted up against an actual wall.


Considered modern and very stylish, water walls are a great feature to any outdoor project you are looking to complete.