What’s the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

Designing and creating gardens has been a fun and joyous pastime for people, and especially for those who have made a profession out of it. In a sense, both gardening and landscaping are similar, but at the same time, while the processes seem to overlap, they have very different attributes to each of them.


The similarities
Ideally, both landscapers and gardeners look at gardens in a design sense. Their aim is to construct a garden around your design. Both landscapers and gardeners will have knowledge about horticulture, such as which plants work better in some seasons compared to others, lifespans of plants and so forth. They will also have a creative mind, as they will have the ability to put together plants, landscaping features and other features to create a desired garden. But it’s here that the similarities begin to break down.


What does a landscaper do?
This is where the differences come to the front. Landscapers construct a garden for you, where there wasn’t a garden before. From the design of your project to the construction, they do it all for you. They put together plants, flowers and flora and combine it with landscaping constructions, such as decks, pavements, pergolas, decks, turf and water features like ponds and waterfalls. They design a complete garden all for you, based around your needs, wants, and budget.


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What does a gardener do?
Gardeners on the other hand, are more well versed in the plants and horticulture life, as opposed to landscaping design and installing features. They know all about plants, how they grow, what will make them last longer, what is the best position for them in the garden and so forth.


Which one do you need?
While both gardeners and landscapers can offer similar aspects of maintaining gardens, they offer different things that greatly affect your decision-making process. If you merely after having your garden maintained or brought back to life through a horticultural sense, and merely focusing on plant life, then a gardener is the way to go. However, if you are looking to completely design or redesign your garden and look to include landscaping features, then a landscaper is the professional you should be calling.