Artificial Grass Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Install Artificial Grass?


Artificial Grass

The cost of artificial grass can vary greatly depending on the project that you are planning and the materials that you choose. The price per square foot depends on the size and type of turf you want, and you can often lower the cost per square foot by purchasing in bulk. You can also add on add-ons based on your needs. You can choose to add extra padding and chemical sprays to eliminate odors. You can also choose a design that combines color and pattern for your new lawn.

Besides the material, you also need to consider the infill of your new lawn. There are several infill materials available, and the choice of the infill will greatly affect the cost of the installation. Different infill materials have different prices, and it is important to consider what you plan to use your artificial grass for. The cost of infill can range from $1 to $2 per square foot, and you can choose a high-end product or a low-cost one depending on your needs.

The artificial grass cost per square foot is usually between $2 and $4 per square foot, but it can be much more than that. The labor fees involved in the installation process can be as high as $225 per square foot. In addition to the labor fee, many professional turf-installation companies offer guarantees that provide assistance in the future if problems arise. Some companies also include costs for site prep, such as excavating and clearing the ground.

There are a few different ways to calculate the cost per square foot of your new artificial grass.  However, prices can vary greatly, depending on the scope of the project. For instance, if you plan on installing a putting green, you will pay considerably more per square foot than if you are putting in a small area for a backyard garden.

The first step in installing an artificial lawn is to prepare the surface with a subfloor. The base will need to be leveled so that water and drainage will not be affected. In addition, you must remove existing weeds and concrete. Typically, the cost of the subfloor for a 1,500 square foot installation will range between $4 and $14 per square foot. The installation process will take about a day and requires a team of workers.

Another way to lower the cost of an artificial lawn is to choose a material that is made of plastic. Premier Grass is a popular option, and can be purchased in 50-pound bags for $22. It costs approximately $0.44 per square foot, and the installation team will install it for you. You can also do it yourself, if you have the necessary equipment and know-how. Once the material is laid, you will need to install it.


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