Synthetic Cricket Pitch Offering a Natural Feel and Appearance


Synthetic Cricket

The latest innovation in cricket pitches is the Synthetic Cricket Pitch. Developed by Champion Grass, this unique turf material is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass, and it offers excellent playing characteristics for school, club, and council cricket games. This pitch is manufactured using a sustainable design that is popular with Australian cricket clubs, and it is available in various lengths and widths to suit any type of ground.

This type of turf is made to withstand high usage, while offering a natural feel and appearance. It uses 9mm to 12mm short-pile polypropylene grass. It has a double backing and is exclusive to Maddocks Sports. The pitches are available in a variety of colors and can be used for cricket and football games.

The All-Seasons Synthetic Cricket Pitch is made from polyethylene grass that is glued to a shock pad. It uses a concrete base and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Both types of pitches are durable and require little maintenance. The All-Seasons Synthetic cricket pitch is made exclusively for Maddocks Sports.

It has a higher yarn weight and will last for many years even with heavy use. Unlike the Synthetic Cricket Pitch, this type of cricket turf is glued directly to concrete, requiring minimal maintenance. The pitch is weather-resistant, and it is also ideal for practice nets. These pitches are manufactured using the finest materials, and are built to meet ECB standards.

All-Seasons Synthetic Cricket Pitch is made of polyethylene grass on a shock pad. It is installed directly on the concrete. It is glued onto the surface. The pitch has a higher bounce than other synthetic cricket pitches. Compared to other cricket pitch types, the All-Seasons pitch is the most durable.

It is a dense synthetic grass that will last for years even under high usage. It is best for all-seasons and is suitable for all-weather conditions. The artificial turf is also great for playing football and soccer on the ground. This is an excellent option for both amateur and professional cricket players. So, whether you’re planning to play cricket, it’s a good idea to invest in a synthetic pitch.

A cricket pitch is a very important part of a cricket field. It is extremely important to keep the surface dry. It is very important to avoid over-watering the pitch. It is against the Laws of Cricket to water the pitch while it is in use. Therefore, It is highly durable and waterproof, and is a great option for all levels of play.

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